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Nowadays anything can be sold over the internet. Zack Brown raised $50k to make potato salad online. Imagine what you can do

eCommerce world wide is tipped to grow by 20.1% and surpass the $1.500 trillion in 2014. Locally in Africa the growth has been significant. Growing by between 30 to 40% annually, eCommerce is set to boom in Africa. In 2013 the turnover generated by eCommerce in South Africa was R4.4 Billion. Access to stable broadband and lower data costs, are two major factors that's driving the eCommerce growth in Africa.

Our vision at SpongeTech is to give every business an opportunity to enter this market. Buy sponging off new eCommerce technology like Shopify, etc, we aim to achieve this. Traditionally one would have to spend a lot of time and money to even consider going the eCommerce route. Developing a SAFE and SECURE online platform for you to sell your products was only a right reserved for those who had the financial means. We offer access to the world of eCommerce at very affordable prices. Our online shops are SAFE, SECURE and inline with the latest User Experience trends. We have placed a lot of emphasis on understanding the eCommerce market and would be able to supply you with an end-to-end solution. Not only do we supply your online store, but we also assist in the planning and execution of your delivery strategy. We have formed strategic partnerships with some of the best courier companies in South Africa and can meet any clients demand.

We can write a book on the eCommerce market and the way it’s growing in Africa, and we are sure that you know the potential it has for your business, so please feel free to contact us for further information.

Our basic eCommerce services starts at R4500.

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